Branding & Strategy

Branding is the foundation for all communication disciplines. It is comprised of multiple elements and requires strategic planning. We begin with data-driven insights to build brands and bring ideas to life, no matter the market.

Ideas can come from anywhere, but they don’t just move from urban to the suburban, or from English to Spanish. Data-driven insights are at the core of all successful communication initiatives. For this reason, Etched begins all client engagements with strategic planning sessions involving key internal stakeholders and leadership. Strategic planning allows us collaboratively outline communication objectives, examine existing public perceptions, analyze the effectiveness of current efforts and glean an in-depth understanding of target audiences, such as what empowers them and influences their attitudes, motivations and behaviors.

Etched utilizes a disciplined approach to strategic planning, which begins with conducting market research and analysis. This helps identify and bridge gaps, so an effective, measurable plan can be developed.