Digital is integrated into our agency DNA, which results in a holistic perspective on how your online footprint and reach support your brand. The widespread rapid adoption of social media and mobile technologies have made it possible for personal beliefs and perceptions to quickly become community sentiment. But, there’s more to digital than websites, banners and Facebook posts.

Each online platform has specific intents; some tools are for conversation while others are meant to push information. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of emerging trends and technologies. Our goal is to influence digital interactions with intentional and organic tactics and content in order to challenge conventional organizational models, encourage connections and foster engaged brand networks. We offer comprehensive digital capabilities, from intuitive interface design to integrated development. And, with active, real-time listening we are able to instantly respond to online connections, therefore helping stimulate purposeful dialogue that drives key messages and awareness to garner impact.

We understand that digital media is essential to growth. Research shows most consumers are more likely to first encounter a brand message via a digital platform rather than traditional media channels.

Etched provides digital and social media strategies and tactics to connect with consumer and business audiences on broad and personal levels. We consistently monitor and measure online buzz while simultaneously building relationships.

We are always ahead of trends with emerging social networks, revised algorithms and new apps. Our digital and social media expertise also includes, but is not limited to:

  • Social media planning, integration and audience engagement and growth
  • Digital media and blogging to support marketing efforts
  • Content calendar development and management
  • Tailored social media guide and training designated staff
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns