Some tips for all you PR internship hopefuls from a former intern

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If you’re a college student reading this, the word probably raises your anxiety levels to astronomical levels that leave you reaching for your anxiety medication.

That was a little dramatic, but I know almost every college student has worried about how they’re going to land their first internship. After all, it’s such a big part of your college career, and it’s crucial for gaining real world experience.

So, how exactly does one go about securing a public relations internship?

Here are a few tips I’ve learned working at a PR agency.

Practice writing every time you can   

Writing, from media relations to social media, is the bread and butter of public relations.

Therefore, strong writing skills are crucial.

I’ve always thought of myself as a good writer, but it’s always smart to get more practice.

I love this blog because, as well as imparting knowledge on our readers, it gives me the opportunity to refine my writing. This is a big reason of why always make time to write for the Etched blog.

Share your ideas 

I know it may be scary to share your thoughts and ideas with your boss and people with a lot more experience than you, but you never know when your boss might absolutely love your idea.

We all know what the real fear behind sharing your ideas is – rejection. But, I hate to tell you this kid – everyone has to deal with rejection in life.

Sometimes, the worst ideas give route to a spectacular thought.

Use your generation’s brainchild to your advantage 

We will forever be remembered as the generation who gave the world social media.

Use this to your advantage by listing all the social networks that you have an acute knowledge of. Every company should be on social media, and what better way to ease your way in than listing your social media endeavors.

This tip is extremely advisable for a PR internship.

Make sure it’s right for you

If the internship or job doesn’t interest you, don’t do it.

While I was on the hunt for an internship, I applied to literally everything even if the job wasn’t exactly what I wanted because I wanted “experience” that badly.

I am extremely grateful that I didn’t take the first internship I was offered because I know I would have ended up not enjoying my work.

I am also extremely grateful the place I wanted to work also wanted me to work for them.

By Sarah Oyarce, @sarahhhroof

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