Your Twitter & Instagram Handle Name Says A Lot About You – Choose Wisely

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In this day and age, choosing a Twitter or Instagram handle is vastly important, especially if you work in public relations, marketing, advertising, or communications. And, as leading professionals, we are expected to have the best, most clever, and the wittiest of all @ names.

Admittedly, the simple task of choosing a handle can become quite daunting, unless you get a sudden spark of genius in the wee hours of the morning that perfectly includes both your first and middle name in a punny way. Alas, some of us aren’t that lucky. However, do not fret, as I will give you some of the dos and don’ts of selecting the uniquely perfect, all-encompassing handle.

Keep it short and sweet

Keeping it short is actually really helpful for Twitter. Since the social media platform has a 140-character limit, having a short handle will allow for more characters, words, and ultimately, more interaction with your followers.

Stay away from numbers

Nothing quite says, “My name was already taken and I honestly couldn’t think of anything else so here’s my name along with some digits,” than choosing your first and last name accompanied by numbers that usually symbolize the user’s birthdate. This leads me to my next point…

Be original and unique

A tall order in any setting is to be unique, but as PR pros, this is a challenge we should all gladly accept. Some tips for creating your personalized handle would be to think of some hobbies, music, your profession, or anything that represents you and incorporate it into your name.

Try not to include underscores or extra letters

I have fallen victim to the latter. Unfortunately, my ideal handle is taken by a user with a private profile, which was activated in Nov. 2010, with an astounding 36 tweets. It always pays to get there early and save yourself from seeming uncreative and unoriginal.

By Sarah Oyarce, @sarahhhroof

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