Maximize social media efforts with these three tips


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Public relations and marketing clients rely on us for efficient social media strategies that can be successfully executed. It doesn’t matter if you are representing a start-up or an established corporation, or if you are in the entertainment or B2B space, there are a few rules of thumb public relations pros should keep in mind when it comes to an effective social media strategy.  

Before you write another Tumblr post, send another tweet, or share another image on Instagram, here are three tips to keep top of mind:

  1. Social media is plural: Social media is a plural term. It is not uncommon for a marketer to think of social media as a single strategy or tactic. This approach does make execution much easier, but it also diminishes the value social media can provide. While your brand image and identity should be consistent, the way you communicate on Facebook, should be different than the way you communicate on Tumblr, or Pinterest. The users mentioned in the first tip utilize these networks for different purposes. To truly connect with them you must communicate in a way that makes sense for the network. Take time to determine which networks will yield the best results for your client or company, then create a plan that maximizes engagement on the specific networks.
  2. Users are people: It is easy to get into the habit of pushing self-promotional content and forget fans and followers are people. The focus is often on the message, not the recipient. No matter the network it is critical to not just push out content, but also pay attention to issues or trends that could be impacting the daily life of your audience. Also engage with fans and followers by commenting on their posts, replying to messages, and giving shout outs to thank new followers and/or show appreciation for RTs, shares, likes, etc.
  3. Simplify efforts: Social media doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, value often results from simplicity. Make sure all your networks are connected so it is easy for someone to navigate from your Twitter, to your Google+, to your website, etc.

 By: Toni Harrison, @tonihmedia

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