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Ever since we entered the social media age of, it seems everyday we hear there’s a new up-and-coming social media network.

Of course, a professional as busy as you doesn’t have time to sort through the hoopla. Don’t fret however, as the Etched team will break down the most salient new networks in less than 350 words.

Ello: The anti-Facebook

Dubbed as the anti-Facebook by Inc., Ello is a new social media network positioning itself against arguably social media’s biggest giant, Facebook. In Ello’s manifesto, its founders “believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.”


While social networks like Facebook subject its users to third-party advertising, Ello claims to be above the moneymaking schemes and focuses on letting its users interact with their privacy intact. But don’t show up to this social site without an invite – Ello is exclusive; you have to request an invitation to join the network. But hey, neither Rome nor Facebook were built in a day.

Tsu: The anti-Ello?

While Ello doesn’t incorporate ads into its business model, new social network, Tsu, actually wants to give you a share of the advertisement profits.

Tsu is another invite-only social affair, as you have to acquire a member’s short code to join.

Yik-Yak: The latest social media platform for college students

If you haven’t heard about Yik-Yak, chances are the college student next to you has. Yik-Yak is an anonymous social network, which allows college students to post to their schools own forum. These posts are known as “Yaks.”

Yik-Yak is aimed at college campuses, but you can also send anonymous “Yaks” from your location.

Only time will tell if these new platforms will have an impact like Twitter or Facebook, but one thing is clear – it’ll be fun while it lasts. Right, MySpace?

By Sarah Oyarce, @sarahhhroof

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