A mini-guide for brands and companies looking to enhance their social media

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In a digital-infused world, it is highly unlikely a company has not already invested in social media for marketing and public relations purposes. As we all know, social media is a fantastic way to engage with their audiences and the general public. Running social media accounts warrants the responsibility of controlling your message and protecting your image. To help, here is a short list of social media dos and don’ts for companies and brands.

Customer Feedback

Do respond to customers who reach out to you with complaints or questions through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by politely addressing the issue and including a means to directly contacting a representative to fix a problem. For positive comments, be sure to thank the user and even share or retweet their post to further enhance your brand image and build stronger connections.

Don’t have specified automated responses for each comment or tweet you receive. Companies have been caught and even ridiculed for automatically replying to Twitter accounts with offensive account names as well as replying back with generic messages that don’t offer much insight or support.

Trending Conversations

Do partake in real-time trending conversations and engage with your social audience. This will help elevate relevancy and connect better with your followers and potential consumers. Participating in relevant topics such as live sports games and trending hashtags will garner attention towards your social media accounts.

Don’t use trending conversations to promote your brand every time. Sometimes it may come off offensive and the message can get lost. Companies have been called out for seeming insensitive and overly self-promotional.

Social Media Applications

Do create accounts on social media networks that best represent and enhance your brand. Having a Facebook page and LinkedIn page is often ideal for connecting with businesses and consumers. Instagram and Snapchat can be useful if there are images to be posted.

Don’t feel the need to create an account for every social media network in existence. For example, a law firm probably doesn’t need a Pinterest account.

Etched Communication lives by these do’s and don’ts. As previously mentioned, this is a mini-guide. For the benefits of a full social media consultation, connect with @etchedaffect.

By Sunita Dharani, @sunitadharani

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