What you don’t know about the social network and its effect on your Google rankings


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Google+ was very exclusive when it debuted in 2011. Joining was an invitation only affair.

To be honest, it had some trouble securing users. Especially with the competition of popular social media giants, like Facebook and Twitter.

But, times are changing. Google, in an effort to further take over the world, has made it’s proprietary social platform an absolutely crucial element to increased Google search rankings.

Google+ has a great impact on SEO, or search engine optimization, which has influence on which page of Google’s search results your company lands on.

For example, if someone is following you on Google+, the chances they will see your posts in Google’s search results go way up.

There is a brilliant quote circling the internet, and I felt it perfectly explains the point of this blog post: “The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google search results.”

Here are some tips to not be the dead body on page two of Google’s search results:

Send Posts to Certain Circles 

Google+ allows you to put different users in different circles, which can be broken down and separated however you please. For example, you can compile all your co-workers in a circle.

When posting, you can send them a notification for that circle to view your post.

Be sure to uncheck the email option. Don’t want to annoy your circles now do ya!

Use Photos

Using images will more likely capture your audience’s attention than words.

Use Hashtags

Twitter isn’t the only social network site that utilizes the all-important #hashtag. Facebook and Google+ have joined the club too.

At the end of the day, just being on Google+ will help your rankings. So if you already are on Google+ — kudos!

By Sarah Oyarce, @sarahhhroof

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