The soda giant dominated nearly 30 minutes of primetime for #SB50



Photo courtesy: Twitter / @Pepsi

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Super Bowl Sunday is not only a chance to watch the two leading football teams compete for the coveted Vince Lombardy trophy. It is also a chance for PR pros to enjoy (or critic) the very latest in the field of advertising.

One advertiser commanded TV screens more than any other last night: Pepsi.

In 2011, Pepsi brokered a 10-year marketing deal with the NFL for almost a billion dollars (approximately 90 million dollars a year). The deal allows other Pepsi-affiliated products such as Doritos, Gatorade, and Mountain Dew to get in on the action too. Pepsi owned nearly 30 minutes of airtime during halftime while other brands paid millions for 30-second commercials.

Even before kick-off, Pepsi halftime promos dominated TV screens, announcers promoted the halftime show throughout the game, and brand signage was on stage as Coldplay performed. Pepsi basically held a monopoly on the Super Bowl in terms of advertising.

Not only did Pepsi own the 30-minute halftime show, but the 51-year-old company also holds ownership of the concert footage. Pepsi can use this footage and any image from the Super Bowl halftime performance to promote and push its products for the rest of the year.

Social media was also a major player in Pepsi’s Super Bowl strategy. Virtually all social media networks blew up with trending hashtags and topics that lasted well into the night surrounding the halftime show. Pepsi’s hashtag, #PepsiHalftime, the number one trending topic of the night, saw engagement from many users such as the NFL, headliner Coldplay, as well as most of the Super Bowl-watching public.

Finally, Pepsi won the lotto with Beyoncé’s guest appearance and subsequent grand announcement. Beyoncé, who is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated entertainers in the world, decided to shock the world yet again by announcing her Formation Tour immediately after the halftime show. Pepsi is now connected with arguably the biggest music announcement of 2016, which is well worth their advertising dollars.

By Rodney Waites, @TheFourHornsmen

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