Four tips to ensure your live tweeting events are a hit not a miss


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People Magazine is the latest publication to get in hot water for making controversial tweets during ABC’s Thursday night season premiere of “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

The popular celebrity publication was recently accused of sending out racially insensitive tweets about both shows’ African-American female main characters: Kerry Washington, who portrays Olivia Pope in “Scandal,” and Oscar-nominated actress, Viola Davis, who portrays Annalise Keating, in “How to Get Away with Murder.”

As of this posting, People Magazine has deleted the tweets, but has not issued a statement.

Twitter is considered by many to be the “water cooler” of our day. Anyone with an account can log-on and find out the latest news, events, or chat about their favorite TV shows, celebrities, journalist and more.  That is why so many brands, publications and movie stars use social media to promote events.

However, things can go wrong quickly if one isn’t careful. Below are four tips to help you have a successful live tweeting engagement and avoid a public relations (PR) catastrophe.

Know your client or brand’s reputation before tweeting. 

It is imperative to know your client’s reputation before you engage in live chatting or tweeting. If there are any past controversial issues, be prepared for those to come up. You will need to have answers prepared and use them when needed.

Also, be sure to not interact with followers who’ll want to bash your client or brand. In some cases, live twitter chats may not best platform for your client.

Have a clear topic or event that you are tweeting.

One problem with live tweeting is the loss of focus on why you are tweeting. Have a clear and concise plan on why you are tweeting, for how long and a hastag. You don’t want to get caught up in Twitter jokes and join in an off-colored tweet that could bring bad publicity to your client or event. In some cases, there could be legal troubles. Be clear on what you want to say and get clearance on any pictures or images you will be using ahead of time. This will save you headaches in the end.

Understand that every Tweet is a chance to attract new followers.

Events are great occasions to engage your audience. You will need fun, entertaining and informational tweets along with your pictures. For example, if your followers are enjoying your tweets and retweeting you, your client could not only gain new followers on Twitter; people may also join the email list, and follow you on other social media cites. Either way, you are establishing your brand for future engagements.

Make sure your team is big enough.

There is a lot that goes into sending out tweets for a live engagement. It’s good to have a team. Have people tweeting and posting pictures, while others are engaging with your followers by replying to tweets. You will also want someone capturing the best tweets from the people attending. This way you will be able to showcase what people really thought about the occasion.

By following these guidelines you can ensure that your live twitter event will be a hit with your client or brand.

By Damali Hill, @DamaliPR




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