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Public relations professionals often liken print news to a “dying art.” Multiple well-established newspapers, like New Orleans’ The Times-Picayune, have reduced publishing to three days a week, down from seven, in favor of expanded web content.

Traditional news outlets are forced to compete with social media and digital content to attract and retain audience share. The evolving media landscape continues to grow with sites like Huffington Post, which started as a blog, becoming trusted sources for news. There are frequently instances of people obtaining news on Twitter before it breaks in mainstream media. This may be why the popularity of print media is at an all-time low, with only 23 percent of Americans reporting they read print newspapers.

Readers may not be picking up paper copies of Houston Chronicle or Los Angeles Times, but that certainly does not mean their websites and other platforms are neglected. Seven in 10 American adults access newspaper media content across all of platforms per week.

What does this mean for PR strategy?

Overlooking newspapers could cost you losing attention for your platform from some of the 164 million U.S. adults who read newspaper content in a given week. Sure they may be reading the content online, but if it makes it to print, it will definitely be online too.

Additionally, print media often carries a level of credibility that is sometimes missing from newer online sources.  Broadcast and radio outlets produce original, credible content, but many stories they report are also covered in newspaper articles.

Securing coverage in print media can help generate additional exposure across varying media platforms. Newspapers can offer value to any PR campaign.

The conventional image of someone reading the newspaper with their morning cup of joe is almost completely outdated and newspaper delivery boys are virtually a thing of the past. Despite that, newspaper media are seemingly timeless. They still carry a loud voice in the world of news dissemination and can motivate target audiences just like they always have.

By Hannah Vergult, @hannahnorav


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