It is often easy for some marketers to forget their “consumers” and “target audience” are comprised of real, human beings who want to actively engage with an organization and its programs.

Making a connection on a personal and emotional level requires much more than pushing news releases and social media posts. Brand and companies must actively and physically engage with core audiences. Etched has unrivaled acumen, creativity and finesse in curating and managing experiential programs that effectively connect with audiences on their terms. We are experts at creating and managing memorable experiences to engage audiences prior to, on-site and after key campaign moments have ended. We develop and execute experiential initiatives to connect with diverse audiences and drive advocacy through the following:

  • Event planning, marketing, and execution (includes event design, messaging, social interactions, etc.)
  • Volunteer and street team training and management
  • Collaboration with elected officials and community organizations
  • Data capture and post-event analysis
  • Trade shows, conventions and festivals
  • Community workshops