Crisis Management & Public Affairs

Crisis Management

United Airlines employee drags a passenger off a place. Hurricane Harvey demolishes hundreds of homes in Texas. H&M angers consumers with a racially insensitive ad.

From employee errors to natural disasters to poor choices in communication strategy, a public relations crisis can strike anytime, no matter the size or sector of a company.

Predictive vulnerability is a methodology we use to proactively anticipate, and whenever possible, prevent potential crisis situations. We also have extensive, hands-on experience in managing unforeseen incidents controversies, such as wrongful death, community protests, allegations of racial discrimination and prejudice, financial corruption and executive fraud.

Because messages can spread quickly across social media, often times a perception of a company/individual has already been seeded before evidence can be presented. Preparation and response are key to minimizing damage.

Etched Communication utilizes advanced software platforms to monitor news and social media activity in real-time to keep a constant pulse on news coverage as well as public comments and sentiments. The real-time data provides a line of sight during a crisis, so trending headlines and social conversations are immediately identified, and important decisions can be made quickly.

The Etched team is available 24/7 for crisis situations that require a reactive response. Our relationships with media, elected officials and community groups allow us to quickly stabilize issues and control the narrative. We immediately develop media statements and other necessary documents, so we can quickly train spokespersons to disseminate prompt, honest and informative communication to all important audiences–internal and external.

Etched’s crisis management team has directed local and global crisis situations for government agencies and publicly traded companies.

Public Affairs

Public perceptions and community sentiment can be as valuable or destructive as verifiable facts. Audiences know when communication is sincere and genuine. Etched guides and implements grassroots and civic initiatives that are meaningful and integrated into core objectives. Through our extensive community and public affairs experience, two overriding themes exist: transparency and integrity.

Etched plans, implements and manages proactive public outreach tactics that are tailored to address your specific needs and/or concerns your target communities. Our proactive method leverages existing insights and benchmarks as well as our combined acumen from managing numerous government outreach campaigns on local, regional and national levels.